When you come worship, expect:

  • To be challenged
  • To experience something like nothing else
  • To hear, see, and do things that make no sense
  • To have each of your five senses stimulated
When you come to worship, we expect everyone to participate, to sing, to welcome, to be open to word, and to be distracted at times.

When you come to worship, come as you are.  Don't worry about what to wear, where to sit or what to put in the plate.  Your presence matters more to us and your presence in worship allows us to better worship.  Without, we are one voice shorter.  YOU matter to us, to our worship, and God!

If you have younger children, bring them.  Don't worry if they act out or get easily distracted.  Their presence reminds us that the word of God is for all people, of all ages.  Jesus tells us to sow seeds and even if you don't think your child is getting anything out of worship, you never know!  God's Word has a way of sticking in the most random of ways.  If your child gets very restless, we have a nursey in the basement and the service is piped down through speakers - Just make sure you come back!