Ministries of St. John's

What begins in worship is put into practice through the many different ministries of St. John's.  We have ministries that are public and those which are quiet and sometimes unseen.  It takes our entire congregation working as one to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Martinsburg, WV.  Every September, we ask our members to commit themselves to at least ministry of the congregation and the congregation makes a committment to the members and community.  The congregation promises to:
  1. Be a place where the gospel is proclaimed in worship
  2. Administer the sacraments freely to all baptized people of God
  3. Be a place where the saints of God can come for spiritual refreshments through activities and disciplines such as:
  • Christian Education for all ages
  • Confirmation and first communion instruction 
  • Weekly Bible Studies 
  • Fellowship and personal growth activities in a Christian atmosphere.
In return members are asked
  • Attend worship whenever possible
  • Pray for the Congregation of St. John's and the people of God
  • Attend Sunday School
  • Attend Bible Study
  • Support the Congregation through my time, talent and treasures. 

As well as participate in our Worship and Music, serve on Church Council, help with Christian Education Program, serve on our Finance Committee, help maintain our Church Property, Participate and serve through our Social Ministry Program, help throuh The Mustard Seed (Childcare Program of the Church), serve on our Stewardship Commitee, serve on our Evangelism Commitee, Volunteer in the Office, or serve as a Church Trustee.  We believe everyone, no matter one's age or social status, can participate in the ministry and mission of St. John's.  We each have been given a gift by God through our baptism and the congregation is committed to helping both members and non-members find those gifts.  Come and be a part of our community, grow your faith, and help us suceed in our mission of the gospel!