St. John's has an exciting Sunday School program planned for this year beginning on September 10th at 9:45 a.m. with Rally Day!  For those who are not familiar with Rally Day, it is pretty much a celebration for the gift of learning about God's Word.  We will sing songs, play games and eat lots of snacks!  It will also be the day that the children get to meet their teachers for the coming year.  After church at 3pm, we will have a picnic at Poor House Farm with lots of games and food starting at 3pm.  

Here is how we are organzing Sunday School this year.  On the first Sunday of the month, we will meet as an entire group to do a service project revolving around the Ten Commandments.  Not only will the children learn the commandments, they will learn how to keep them and how God will forgive them when they cannot keep the commandments.  On the other three Sundays, children will be divided up by grades and taught a different Bible story every week.  And on the third Sunday of the month after the children have their lesson, we will have a Children's Choir rehersal in Luther Hall.  

We also have an Adult Forum taught by Pastor Day.  We will be looking at the same stories the children are learning about in class, but we will go more indepth by focusing on the world in front and behind the text.  This will be perfect for parents so that they can engage with their children about what they learned in classed and for those who want to deepen their faith.

Although it is absolutely not required to attend, we would ask for you to register by clicking on the link below in order for us to better plan our activities.  Also, check back to this website frequently for updates, schedules and other upcoming activities in the church.