Who We Are

Vision Statement
ather, Grow, and Go with God

At St. John's we Gather together in worship and fellowship, we Grow with prayer and education and then we Go with God into the world to serve and bring the Good News of Jesus Christ gathering once again to worship and fellowship. 

We welcome you to our congregation in the name of our crucified and risen Savior Jesus, the Christ.  Our congregation has been bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the community of Martinsburg since 1775.  We follow in the traditions and Theology of the Lutheran Church.  Worship is the primary task of our community and everything that we do flows from our worship of God.  

Therefore our Mission is
To be Proclaimers of Hope.

We live out this mission by:
*Diligently studying his Holy Word
*Regularly participating in the Sacraments, and
*Constantly striving to reach out, serve and witness with care and acceptance to all in our community and world.